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Empowering your Heart Health with CRANEeH

CRANEeH is taking care of your heart from your home, office or favorite place.


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Telehealth Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

Get access and support to your cardiovascular health care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Measure  and monitor  your cardiovascular health indicators.

Identify the greatest risks  and get a better understaning of your heart health

Receive suggestions to improve your lifestyle, reduce your risks and improve your adherence to treatment.

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Telehealth Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

A new lifestyle for your health care

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Your digital cardiovascular rehabilitation

CRAENEeH is a mobile technology platform that provides you quick and easy access to remote cardiovascular rehabilitation.


CRANEeH helps you understand the effectiveness of the treatment by collecting information on cardiovascular indicators such as pulse, pressure, ECG, physical activity, and psychosocial environment, among others.

CRANEeH helps you monitoring your cardiovascular health indicators, establishes and measures your goals, and provides you with an evaluation and high risks. identification

You will receive personalized health report identifying your hightest risk factors 

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Reduce your risks with CRANEeH

Make a new story in the care of your heart by identifying your risks and improving your commitment to your cardiovascular health.


  • You monitor your cardiovascular indicators helping you in cardiovascular prevention and helping your doctor improve your treatment with an evidence based intervention.

  • You assess and identify your personalized  risks.

  • You will receive a report with suggestions to continue improving your commitment to your cardiovascular health.

  • You will be able to receive assistance from CRANEeH health coach improving your treatment compliance.


Disclaimer: The use of this licensed application does NOT constitute a professional medical recommendation, diagnosis, treatment or medical recommendation of any kind. This facilitates your commitment to your cardiovascular rehabilitation and prevention. It is important that you obtain the guidance of a qualified health professional to answer any questions or concerns regarding your individual needs and any medical conditions. These application will facilitate the monitoring and follow-up of the treatment.

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